Health & Nutrition

Are your donuts/doughnuts celiac safe?

  • Yes! Proudly we are a certified gluten free facility.


Are your donuts/doughnuts vegan?

  • Yes! Everything at Peace of Mind and Magic 8 is vegan.


What about other allergens?

  • All of our products ae free from......
    • Gluten
    • Eggs
    • Dairy
    • Peanuts
    • Wheat
  • The exceptions to our allergen list are....
    • Soy- We looked far and wide to find the best sprinkle option. The sprinkles we chose are from Sweetopolita. They are free from the top allergens exception of soy.
    • Tree Nuts- Some of our ingredients may come from facilities that also handle tree nuts and peanuts. We at Peace of Mind and Magic 8 Donuts are a peanut free facility. We do monthly testing for peanuts to assure your safety.

Are they donuts or doughnuts? What's the difference?

  • "Donuts" are also known as cake donuts. They are not made using yeast.
  • "Doughnuts" are also known as brioche doughnuts. They are made with yeast.


How long do your "donuts" last?
  • Our donuts are made fresh daily.
    • Our cake donuts have a shelf life of 4 days, but freeze INCREDIBLY well!! We have customers reach out to us all the time to tell us their personal freezing stories. The result, great tasting gluten free donuts whenever you want straight from your freezer!! 
    • Our brioche doughnuts should be consumed the day they are purchased.to ensure the most enjoyment. They too freeze INCREDIBLY well!!


Do you use pea protein?
  • Our vegan soy free butter substitute contains pea protein.


What kind of sugar do you use?

  • Our sugar is organic, unrefined, & non-gmo evaporated cane sugar. We only use sugar that does not contain bone char. Our confectioners sugar is made with tapioca starch, therefore does not contain corn starch.


Which type do you ship?

  • We ship our cake donuts, as they are more shelf stable. If you would like to enjoy our brioche doughnuts, and are in our local area (Conway, NH) please give us a call or stop by, we make our brioche doughnuts and have them for sale at our take out window on Fridays.
  • All orders are shipped in eco-friendly boxes. All orders include a $9.00 handling fee.
  • We take great care of each order we fulfill, but once your order leaves our bakery, we are no longer able to ensure everyone else does too. For that reason, we cannot be responsible for any damaged, broken, melted, etc products. Please communicate any special delivery instructions with your local UPS driver. 

Local Pick-Up

We have a Take-Out/Pick-Up at our bakery! If you want to pick up your order at our window, please make that selection at checkout, & please have your order confirmation ready upon pick up. 


We are located at 71 Hobbs Street, Suite 104, Conway NH 03818

We are in a very large industrial building, located around the left hand side of the building. There are two signs, one next to the road and one right before you drive behind the building to let you know your headed in the right direction.

If you feel like you're going somewhere you shouldn't, then you're on the right track. Cant miss the Magic 8 Menu board on your right!